Portakal Art and Culture House has been organizing auctions, dealing in antiques, rendering gallery services, art consultancy and expertization since 1914.

Ottoman works of art, paintings, calligraphy works, silver, tombak, furniture, textile, porcelain and chandeliers are on sale in our galleries in Nişantaşı. When expertization is completed with the advisory committee consisting of experts, works are evaluated in auctions or in our galleries by being put up for sale on behalf of their owners.

Furthermore, works are purchased by our corporation as well. Expertization is carried out in our galleries in Nişantaşı or at the locations of the works. Exhibitions which comprise special presentations of the works are organized in our galleries before the auctions. During these exhibitions, art lovers receive information on and closely examine the works in which they are interested. Other than auction exhibitions, private collection exhibitions are also held in the galleries of Portakal Art and Culture House.