1. The VAT is payable by the buyer and is added to the sale price. Our corporation receives from the buyer a 7% commission over the sale price.

2. The buyer may, at the completion of the auction, take delivery of the items he/she has purchased, after having paid the full sale price, the 7% commission, and the VAT. Delivery of items is not carried out during the auction.

3. The buyer is obliged to pay within 7 (seven) days at the latest the price of the item he/she has purchased at the auction, the 7% commission, and the VAT. The items shall not be delivered to the buyer unless the afore-mentioned price is fully paid. Our corporation reserves the right to claim a monthly 10% commercial default interest via legal procedures in the case that payment has not been effected within this period.

4. In the case that the sale price has not been fully collected within 30 (thirty) days and if deemed necessary by our corporation, this sales agreement may be invalidated by ourselves together with all consequences and retrospectively.

5. Our items have been presented to examination prior to the auction. For this reason, those who participate in the auction are deemed to have seen and examined the items in advance. All information published in the auction catalogue and presented for the advertisement of the items are only the opinions of the experts.

6. A buyer who has placed a bid shall remain responsible for his/her bid until the acceptance of another bid that has legitimately exceeded his/her bid.

7. Our corporation reserves the right to withdraw from auction, sell together with other items, separate, and decline the sale of any item appearing at the auction, and to carry out the auction without regard to rank number.

8. In the case that the items presented for sale under the scope of this auction do not possess the characteristics declared, do not conform with the declaration in terms of origin, or have come out of the possession of the right owner contrary to his/her consent, the legal responsibility lies with the person demanding the item to be presented for sale.

9. The auction is carried out openly. To place a bid and participate in the auction means to have accepted in advance all the above-mentioned conditions, and other rights and obligations belonging to our corporation in connection with these conditions. (No objection with regard to any flaw in the item may be made after the sale has taken place.)

10. Bidding up at the auction is carried out through the raising of a flag. Our corporation is entitled to determine the rate of the rise in value at each raising of the flag and to alter these values that have been determined if necessary.

11. In accordance with Article 15 of the Municipality Auction Bylaw, our corporation is entitled, without the obligation to give any reason, to not accept to the auction those whose addresses it may deem questionable.

12. Real and legal persons attending at the auction and purchasing an item at a value of 12.000 –YTL (twelve thousand) or higher shall be subjected to identification in accordance with law nr. 4208.

13. Each person undergoing identification and signing the flag card and thereby participating in the auction shall be deemed to have accepted the above conditions in advance.

14. Condition reports may be issued for items upon request.